Thursday, 26 December 2013

Welcome Jess!

My name is Jess and I’m a graduate from Cardiff. I cannot wait to meet you all and spend my second season in the mountains with Snowlittle!

I became a nanny 3 years ago whilst working part time in a day nursery and have loved every minute of it. After spending an amazing Christmas in the Alps, I decided that working as a nanny in the mountains would be absolutely perfect for me. As soon as my previous season ended, I couldn’t wait to get back out this winter!

There are many things in life as well as childcare that I’m passionate about. I’ve played drums in a few bands and really enjoy going to gigs and festivals. Snowboarding has become a new hobby of mine and I cannot wait to improve as much as I can this winter and get shredding! And of course being Welsh, I have to include the rugby!

In a few years time I would love to own my own nursery. Until that time comes, spending my winter’s nannying in the mountains and summer’s working in childcare at home sounds pretty good to me.

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