Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hello Emmy!

I'm Emmy and I've been a nanny for three years. I loved working for both families during this time and am still close with them now.
Before becoming a nanny I previously worked in a range of childcare settings.
All of these helped me onto the career path of becoming a nanny and giving me a sense of aspiration for the future. Being a nanny is great, I love the the close bond with the the whole family a you become more
of friend than an employee. I also the love the sense of responsibly it comes with the way you can organise your day around the children,their hobbies and interests and obviously school! 
Both days in and out can be fun, all you need is a creative mind. even a trip to shops can be fun if you sing and dance your way there, or in this case ski or sledge!
For me coming out and working in the Alps is an amazing opportunity and adventure. I have always wanted to travel and see the world and this is the start of that for me.

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