Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Johanna and Emmy are SnowLittle Super Stars!!

Another great week in Les Coches with Johanna and Emmy – total stars! And I know nannies – as a full time working mother of 3 small children, let me tell you, I know nannies – I have interviewed loads and employed a few and these 2 were excellent.
The kids loved them – most important of all.
They played with them endlessly, brought arts and crafts which they loved, had them out in the snow building snowman and sledging etc. Emmy babysat one night and my children were really happy about this. My children usually need a full conversation about me going out and are not happy about it – but they were happy with Emmy.

What I liked most – they used their initiative (which some nannies don’t).  They took my little one out for walks and off to the park etc etc.  They didn’t keep asking if this or that was OK, they just got on with it. 
Punctual.  Actually did more hours than I asked for by arriving a little early and staying on later.  Well organised and clearly experienced.  Took it all in their stride.

Thanks for the great feedback Hazel! Les Coches ~ Chalet Jessica.

Friday, 4 April 2014

The dream team! Fantastic feedback for Jess and Claire!

Jess and Claire were excellent nannies.  They kept all of the children entertained and did so many activities with them.  The children really enjoyed spending each afternoon with them and it made our trip so much easier as us parents were able to head off skiing in the knowledge that the children were happy.
~ Mike - Les Arcs 1950 - Les Jardins De La Cascade

Amazing Feedback for Nanny Katie!

"Kate was incredible with our little boy Charlie, she was always on time - if not early. She is very organised and extremely professional. It was a pleasure to have her take care of our son. We would not hesitate to use her again. She has a wonderful,positive and engaging personality and great energy. She also is a complete natural when it comes to childcare."
~ Sally in Les Arcs 1950 - Princes Des Cimes