Saturday, 25 April 2015

That's all folks!

Well here we are again. How is it that the winter flashes by so quickly?! Spring is in full bloom and the skies are sunny and blue. Mountain conditions have still been good, providing lots of opportunities for enjoying the slush with a surprising amount of snow still evident on the pistes.

This month, the town of Bourg St Maurice was alive with the ringing of cow bells as the annual cow beauty pageant took place on April 12.. (No, we're not kidding!) Every year the community judges the best looking cows from the 'Tarine' or 'Abondance' breeds at La Comice Agricole. The aim of the show is to promote these two breeds, educate the public on the work of the agricultural community and the preservation of local landscapes and of course to showcase the delicious Beaufort cheese!

As the winter season is nearing an end, the nannies also enjoyed some well earned play time of their own, enjoying a lovely sushi dinner in Les Arcs followed by a few drinks.

We're looking forward to having some of the team back again next year, no doubt joined by some fresh faces for winter 2015/16. Well done girls for all your hard work!

With some of the resorts closing tomorrow, we're looking back on what has been a truly fantastic winter. We've had such a fab team on board and the feedback has been wonderful. We're so grateful to everyone that chose SnowLittle as their childcare service provider and we hope to see you again next winter!

Alix & Charley

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